Bay Area Semiconductor Equipment Crating

Behind the scenes, ensuring the safe transportation and protection of these delicate and valuable semiconductor products and equipment is the art of crating. Like a master craftsmen, our crating specialists combine expertise and precision to create tailored packaging solutions that safeguard these intricate electronic marvels, allowing them to embark on their journey from production to deployment.

With an unwavering commitment to excellence, semiconductor products, and equipment crating bridges the gap between ingenuity and reliability, safeguarding the building blocks of our digital future.

Outstanding Service

Crating Services For Semiconductor Products

Real Pack specializes in crafting customized packaging solutions for the semiconductor industry. Our primary goal is to ensure that your program managers consistently meet their packaging requirements regarding timeline and specifications. With a diverse range of products, including wooden crates, skids, custom foam sets, ATA cases, Pelican-Hardigg cases, and corrugated materials (paper and plastic), we offer comprehensive packaging options to cater to your unique needs.

Reliable Team

Our packaging engineers are experts in designing systems that effectively mitigate shock and vibration, collaborating closely with various shipping partners. This ensures that your packaging meets the specific demands of your application and program. Additionally, we are well-versed in creating packaging solutions for specialized environments such as cleanrooms. 

Secure Packaging Solutions

Our packaging solutions are frequently employed for shipping products worldwide, adhering to international standards like ISMP15 compliance, REACH, and RoHS regulations. It’s worth mentioning that all our manufacturing, ensuring top-notch quality throughout the process.

Secured Crating Solutions For Your Heavy Equipment

Real Pack has extensive experience designing solutions for high-value, sensitive, and fragile equipment and products. Our packaging engineers will guide you from concept to execution, providing a complete packaging solution that includes effective shock and vibration protection while optimizing usability, loading/unloading, and handling.


We are well-acquainted with Military Packaging Specifications (MIL-SPEC) and will meet your requirements for performance, price, and usability. Whether working with your existing designs derived from solid models or starting from scratch with a physical product, our design department will store, update, and manage your designs for future orders and revisions throughout your product line’s lifespan.

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At Real Pack, we pride ourselves on our agility and ability to produce on-demand. With orders flowing through our manufacturing process rapidly, we guarantee quick turnaround times. As a multi-substrate manufacturer with readily available raw materials, we eliminate the hassle of sourcing and integrating packaging components from multiple vendors. By in-sourcing the production of various parts and manufacturing the finished product in-house, we ensure a higher overall quality by maintaining control over every aspect of the packaging solution, including timelines.

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