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Our experienced team specializes in creating custom crates specifically designed to protect and safeguard your sensitive medical equipment during transit. With a deep understanding of industry regulations and standards, we meticulously package and crate each piece of equipment, ensuring shock absorption, stability, and protection against environmental factors. 

Experience the excellence of our medical equipment crating service, and let us ensure the seamless transportation of your essential medical devices.

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Medical Crating in Bay Area

We offer customized crating and packaging services for various industries. Our focus is on ensuring the safe transportation of medical equipment and devices, and understanding the unique requirements of our clients in the medical industry. Our dedicated team of experts in medical crating ensures that all medical equipment reaches its destination securely and without any damage.

What Is Medical Crating?

Medical crating involves the tailored packaging and crating of medical equipment and devices to guarantee their secure and safe transportation. Given the sensitivity and fragility of medical equipment, specialized crating and packaging are essential to ensure its arrival at the destination intact. At Real Pack, we utilize top-quality materials and advanced techniques to provide protection and security during the transportation of medical equipment.

How Does Custom Crating Protect Medical Equipment?

At Real Pack, we recognize the significance of custom crating when safeguarding medical equipment and materials. With years of experience, our expert team designs and constructs custom crates specifically tailored to meet the needs of our clients in the medical industry. Custom crating offers several advantages for medical equipment and materials, including:

Custom crating materials, such as foam cushioning, effectively absorb shocks and impacts during transportation.

Certain medical equipment requires specific temperature ranges during transportation. Custom crating can incorporate insulation to maintain optimal temperature levels.

Custom crating can be designed to protect against damage while handling, loading, and unloading medical equipment.

Medical equipment is often susceptible to moisture. Custom crating can include vapor barriers to prevent moisture buildup and potential damage. 

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At Real Pack, we comprehend the necessity of professional crating when shipping medical equipment. Our team of experts possesses the knowledge and experience required to ensure the safe and secure arrival of medical equipment at its destination. Professional crating is indispensable for shipping medical equipment due to the following benefits it offers:

Professional crating protects against transit-related damage, such as bumps or jostling, that may occur during transportation.

Custom crating can be designed to protect against damage while handling, loading, and unloading medical equipment.

Commonly Shipped Medical Equipment

Our experienced team has extensive expertise in crating and shipping various types of medical equipment. We work closely with our clients to ensure their equipment’s safe and secure transportation. We understand that medical equipment comes in diverse shapes and sizes, requiring unique crating solutions. Some of the most frequently shipped medical equipment include:

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If you require professional crating and packaging services for your medical equipment, contact Real Pack today. Our expert team delivers high-quality custom crating solutions for various types of medical equipment and devices. We are dedicated to providing exceptional service to clients throughout the Bay Area and beyond. 

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