Bay Area Heat Shrink Wrapping Services

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Professional Heat Shrink Wrapping Services

Real Pack specializes in expert heat shrink-wrapping services designed to safeguard items during short-term and long-term storage. Our well-established wrapping techniques ensure optimal protection against various elements, guaranteeing that your stored items remain undamaged upon unwrapping.

Versatile Applications of Heat Shrink Wrapping

Heat shrink wrap is a versatile solution employed in various industries and scenarios. It is commonly utilized for aircraft, commercial generators, construction sites, construction equipment, large and heavy machinery, outdoor furniture, lawn decorations, fountains, statuary, and outdoor kitchen equipment. In essence, shrink wrapping provides effective and cost-efficient protection for many items.

Diverse Packaging Materials to Suit Every Requirement

In addition to heat shrink wrapping, we offer an extensive selection of packaging materials to meet diverse needs. Shrink wrapping serves multiple purposes, including safeguarding valuable assets, mitigating damage risks, containing products, weatherizing and protecting construction sites, as well as providing economical asset protection. Our comprehensive range of packaging materials includes:

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