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Bay Area Corrugated Packaging Services

When it comes to items that necessitate a lesser degree of protection during their journey in shipping and handling, corrugated packaging is an excellent alternative to wooden crating.

Each container is meticulously designed to cater to the precise requirements of the item being shipped. Our experts consider numerous factors during the container design process, including dimensions, weight, value, mode of transportation, and final destination.

Outstanding Service

Corrugated Fiberboard Packaging Solutions

Corrugated fiberboard is a remarkable material renowned for its durability, lightweight nature, and remarkable versatility in the realm of custom-manufactured shipping containers. At Real Pack, we employ a superior grade of double-wall corrugated fiberboard, weighing a minimum of 350 lbs, for constructing our tailor-made corrugated cardboard boxes. This exceptional material consists of three layers of linerboard with two intermediate mediums or flutes.

Unparalleled Safeguarding for Your Valuables

To provide enhanced protection, our corrugated containers can be reinforced using strapping, banding, and palletizing techniques. These additional measures ensure that your items arrive at their destination unscathed. We offer complimentary quotes for both corrugated containers and custom boxes, ensuring that your shipping needs are met with utmost care and attention.

Materials for Every Packaging Challenge

To address the diverse packaging requirements of our clients, we employ an extensive range of specially designed packing materials. These materials are meticulously selected to overcome any challenges during the packaging process. Our comprehensive selection includes:

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