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Bay Area Anti-static Packaging - Effective Handling of Devices and Components with Anti-Static Packaging

We specialize in the skilled handling of devices and components, ensuring their safety through advanced anti-static packaging. Our comprehensive approach includes employing wraps, cushioning, and barriers designed to safeguard sensitive items from harmful electrostatic discharges. 

With the potential to cause irreparable damage to electrical components such as computer chips, electronic assemblies, and circuit boards, the implementation of ESD (electrostatic discharge/anti-static) packaging is crucial.

Outstanding Service

Are You Shipping Electronics? Anti Static Crating Services in the Bay Area

With a commitment to excellence, we proudly serve the Bay Area and beyond, offering a wide range of innovative packaging services designed to safeguard your valuable shipments. Whether you are shipping sensitive electronics, delicate machinery, or industrial equipment, we have the expertise and resources to ensure your items arrive safely and securely. At Real Pack, we understand the unique challenges of shipping electronics in the modern world. That’s why we offer comprehensive anti-static crating services right here in the Bay Area. 

Our anti-static bags, plastic wrap, and custom packaging solutions are designed to provide the highest level of control and protection for your valuable electronic components. We specialize in antistatic bags, moisture barrier bags, shielding bags, and ESD packaging to ensure your electronics are shielded from moisture and electrostatic discharge during transit.

Tailored Packaging Solutions for Each Item

Recognizing that different types of assets possess unique packaging requirements, we dedicate special attention to understanding the specific needs of every device or component. By conducting a meticulous assessment, we ensure that each item is packaged in a manner that optimizes its safety during transit.

Our team of experts is dedicated to delivering top-quality packaging products and services that cater to your specific needs. Whether you need a custom poly bag, a static control box, or specialized anti-static wrapping, we have you covered. Browse our extensive range of packaging products, request a quote, and let us take care of your electronics shipping requirements with precision and care.

Optimal Selection of Packaging Materials

Our commitment to protecting your sensitive electronics extends to utilizing the most suitable packaging materials available. We carefully select and employ materials that offer comprehensive safeguarding tailored to the unique characteristics of your electronic equipment. Our packaging solutions may include:

At Real Pack, we’re not just a packaging company – we’re your trusted partner in ensuring the safe and secure delivery of your valuable electronics. Contact us today to learn more about our anti-static crating services, packaging solutions, and how we can meet all of your industrial shipping needs in the Bay Area and beyond. Your electronics deserve the best, and Real Pack is here to deliver it.

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