Real Pack has specialized designers with over 25 years of experience that will work closely with you to provide you the best design for your custom shipping crate, our crates can be shock tested and will meet your quality requirements.

We offer you custom pallet design for your precise unit load size, handling location, and shipping needs. Any size, any quantity we customize it for you.

Custom foam corrugated box design for any size and items. Also with our unique designs Eco-Green which is the new modern and economical, lightweight crates will be the perfect design for your fragile high-tech machines, and any of your products, quantities and sizes.

In Real Pack we are experts to manufacture any type of crates that will apply to your shipping needs:

  • • Reusable
  • • Trade show
  • • Export
  • • Easy-to-Pack crates
  • • Eco-Green
  • • Foam lined
  • • Heavy Equipment Crates
  • • Custom Pallets
  • • Skid Heavy Duty